Offshore Radio Revivals.

The arrival of ’Pirate Radio’ and the offshore radio explosion in the 1960’s was largely managed in London but accessed and supplied from Harwich. The first generation of radio DJs, from John Peel to Emperor Rosko, Tony Blackburn to Dave Cash and Johnnie Walker all used to embark on a motley fleet of tenders which took them from Harwich to the radio ships anchored just offshore, outside UK territorial waters.

Many of the ships which hosted stations such as Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio North Sea International, radio City and others were often moored within sight of the Essex coast.

Four decades later, during the first session of BBC Pirate Radio Essex, Johnnie Walker accepted our invitation to become patron of the Pharos Trust, which owns and operates the LV18. He and many of his erstwhile shipmates and rivals have spoun their discs aboard our lightship.

As well as hosting broadcast events, the LV18 is home to a permanent exhibition of Pirate Radio memorabilia, and the lightship is also allied to the National Vintage Wireless and Television Museum, housed in the LV18. Both museums are curated by Tony O'Neil, a local musician and broadcast historian.