After the Fire

Restoring the ship to its previous state will be a very long process, especially given that three cabins were totally destroyed and some fire/smoke damage will be a long-term restoration project.

Every area of the ship suffered heat and smoke damage, some more so than others. Getting the studio back in operation in time for Easter was a priority, as well as the galley and mess room – both of which were largely spared from serious damage.

Duke Anthony in the studio at Easter 2024

At the time of the fire, the forward compartment was mostly cleared because of filming that had taken place just before Christmas 2023. This, fortunately, meant that many exhibits were behind a watertight door and will only need a light clean.

In mid May we were able to empty the forward compartment completely for more cleaning then painting. On 15th May 2024 this meant we could paint the floor ready to reinstall the exhibition.

Work has now shifted to the companionway (gangway) that runs the length of the ship. That is currently being cleaned & painted, we’ll upload a photo when there’s something to see!

There’s loads of work to do before we can welcome visitors on board, but we’re making progress!

If you can, please contribute to our restoration fund: