Engine Room

The engine room of the LV18 may appear to be a misnomer at first as Trinity House Lightvessels did not have any motive power, therefore needed to be towed to and from their anchored positions (stations).

However, there are six Gardner Diesels installed on the LV18, four for power and two for compressed air. There’s a complex 110V DC electrical system and there was a battery backup in case of both the primary and secondary generators all failing.

Please note for health & safety reasons access to the engine room is not currently permitted.

Gardners 1 & 2 on the Portside

Gardners 3 & 4 (Starbordside)

Gardner No. 3. This Gardner has been used to power the ship and remains in fully operational condition

Triple Cylinder Gardner used for compressed air. The three air tanks are also shown.

Part of the Electrical Panel, 1950s vintage

Engineer’s Bench

Battery bank taken on Dowsing Station

Fog horn Coders

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